In Kikuka Town, Yamaga City, a major production area of wine grapes, the Kikuka Winery brand was newly launched to bring winemaking closer to the local area. Our grape cultivation started in 1999 through an evaluation of beneficial night and day temperature variations as well as the good coloring of salvia. In the meantime, we also purchased some land and began our own production of grapes alongside the received appraisal of our wine. We engage in the promotion of agriculture in cooperation with local people through winemaking, as well as take on the role of disseminating information about other attractions of our region.

About Grapes

At our farm planted in 2018, we have collected the know-how cultivated until this point together with the local producers, and have put in place a detailed facility design, selection of varieties and clones as well as tailored management methods, and other. We also produce new varieties of grapes and engage in the search of varieties suitable for this region. We also cultivate varieties problematic for Kyushu. And with the introduction of movable rain shields, we have become able to harvest healthy grapes through effective moisture content management, bringing us one step closer to the ideal of wine production.

Wine Production

The preparation site being adjacent to the vineyard enables us to enter into production with fresh grapes right after harvest. The harvested grapes are sorted at the fruit selection table, and even the small lots may be produced into high-quality wine. The facility is equipped with small-scale tanks, and the production style is a mixture of climate conditions combined with producer’s sensibility, bringing about an expression of Kikuka’s specific qualities.